UltraMorea Branding, eCommerce Website & Visual Assets

Based in Miami, UltraMorea approached us to create their brand identity and eCommerce website. The Luxury Brand Agency created UltraMorea’s brand values that led to their registered trade mark ‘Welcome to the American Riviera’ and informed the creation of their brand identity. We then designed and programmed the brand’s eCommerce website. We created original illustrations in-house for presenting the iconic sunglasses and took all the product photography in-house in our Philadelphia studio.

Our involvement with UltraMorea started with a branding workshop, held at SohoHouse in Miami. The workshop was held by The Luxury Brand Agency's founder Fabrice Paget. Using several exercises and discussions, the workshop's was critical to make sure that we did not approach the project with any preconceptions and could develop powerful, differentiating and actionable values and a unique 'Brand Proposition' that will become the red thread of all our and future creative work.

The first task following the workshop was for our London bureau, under the direction of The Luxury Brand Agency's  co-founder John Cameron, to create UltraMorea's brand identity. With over 30 years of experience in creating brands accross a wide spectrum of clients and sectors, John quickly decided to create a hand-drawn typeface for the brand as well as a contemporary 'sun-king' symbol.

With UltraMorea's branding and identity well cemented, the Luxury Brand Agency's US office, under the direction of Fabrice Paget, started to design a unique digital experience and ecommerce website. Using custom illustrations hand-drawn by the agency's John Cameron, the website presents the UltraMorea in a unique, inspirational fashion, suggesting the 'American Riviera' lifestyle and showcasing the craftsmanship and quality of the sunglasses which are all hand-made in Italy.

UltraMorea Web Design by The Luxury Brand AgencyUltraMorea Web Design by The Luxury Brand Agency