Tabbara Chocolates Branding, Packaging & Website

It was in the late 1950s when America was Classic and Lebanon was “the Switzerland of the Middle East” that the Tabbara family opened its store on Beirut’s most elegant corner: the Municipal building.

The store, selling hand-made chocolates for weddings and all the important milestones of life proved immensely popular with the area’s well-heeled residents. Unfortunately, the civil war put a stop to the blissed lifestyle and to the chocolates, forcing the family to close the prime-location store and workshop and emigrate. Today, the third generation of the Tabbara family is reviving its heritage and starting anew in America with an edited collection of chocolates inspired from the original family recipes. The family chose The Luxury Brand Agency to reboot its brand while preserving its classic heritage. Following a series of workshops, the agency created the brand positioning and then developed a completely new brand identity and packaging. The agency not only handled all the creative work but also took care of supplier sourcing, briefing and management for the production of the packaging. With a successful launch behind them, Tabbara now continues to rely on The Luxury Brand Agency for strategic consulting and the creation of its advertising and marketing material.